Volunteer Fundraising 

As a PTBI volunteer you can raise funds to support your volunteering costs in PTBI programs. PTBI is a registered charity and all program fees directly to fund the cost of programming. Volunteers must sign and return the fundraising policy before beginning a fundraising campaign. All funds raised through fundraising must be used to support PTBI volunteer program fees. 


Please note: Funds raised are not eligible for a tax receipt. 


Volunteers can also collect funds on their own using a PTBI pledge form. Click on the PDF link below to download and print the pledge form to document all cash and cheque donations. This form must be submitted with funds collected with final fees payment. 




If you would like additional information such as PTBI brochures, please email and request a package of brochures. Please include

the address where you would like the brochures to be sent. 


Questions? Please email us! volunteers@thepowertobe.org Good luck with your fundraising efforts!