Why should we encourage youth to strive for leadership? It’s simple, young minds cultivate dreams. To cultivate those dreams and ambitions, the proper tools are needed.


Providing the tools for young men and women to turn their dreams into realities is essential to community and national development.  Youth leadership programs use innovative workshops to foster practical skills that young people can use in their day to day lives. Our leadership programs in Jamaica focus on context-specific issues and volunteerism to build confidence, critical thinking, and social awareness. The program functions as a building block where youth move from being participants to trainees, to team members and then leaders.


They have the opportunity to participate as students where they can learn the fundamentals of leadership. Then, they work within their communities as trainees, learning more practical skills from community members. As team members, they work alongside our coordinators and volunteers, assisting with program execution and development. Lastly, as leaders, the will have the opportunity to spearhead and develop programs within the organization.

We believe that all young men and women have the capacity to be change-makers and leaders in their own lives and communities.

PTBI's Leadership Programs 

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